Annoyance with CS-? jira tickets and igniterealtime

:Rant mode on:

I really wish code would stop showing up on SVN that is linked against Jira tickets on a bug tracker that the public can’t see. How are we supposed to keep up with development in this “community” when stuff magically appears from on high?

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Hey Daryl,

I guess you are referring to todays changes that were made to Smack. I agree with you and it was explained to the Clearspace developer that a Jira issue for Smack should have been created instead of using the one in Clearspace. Anyway, the positive side of this is that, besides the “administrative” confusion, you can now find more Jive engineers making contributions to open source products.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

Thanks for the response. I am referring to the changes that have happened to many of the igniterealtime projects. I already bugged David about getting sparkweb migrated over to ignite’s Jira