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Anonymous login - how?


we’re trying to implement anonymous login for our custom xiff-powered flash chat application but are stuck. does anyone know how we can implement anonymous login with xiff? we’re really confused right now on what steps to take to get this to work.

many many thanks in advance if anyone can be of assistance.


If you don’t mind using a recent svn version of XIFF* (and don’t mind using http binding), there’s an anonymous login implementation there.

*no guarantees on stability or api compatibility, although the 3.5 branch should be fine in the former department

I’m confused, I didn’t think XIFF supported http binding?

Under the assumption that it is implemented, why would the anonymous login implementation only work for http binding?


For the first question, I committed our http binding code quite recently. For the second, it’s because I haven’t generalized the authentication stuff from the http binding code to the non-http binding code yet, so SASL is only supported for http binding.

That’s fantastic news, I’ve been wanting HTTP binding support (as have many others) in XIFF for ages.


we’d really like to use the existing code instead of the very recent svn version. does anyone know how to do this? we really need help. thanks in advance if anyone can provide assistance.

You would need to add SASL support and implement the Anonymous mechanism. There’s no existing code for this outside of http binding in recent svn.