Anonymous Login

I’m trying to find some instructions on how to configure sparkweb to do anonymous login to openfire.

Can someone link to some instructions or post a quick writeup.


Login to openfire server under Server go to “Server Settings” then got to “Registration & Login”. In here you should see an option called “Anonymous Login” just enable it and Save settings. Easy as that you have allowed for Anoymous Login.

This was done using Openfire 3.5.1, not sure if settings are the same in previous versions.


Hey dfisher,

I don’t think SparkWeb has support for anonymous logins. If you added that feature we would be interested in including it into the product.


– Gato

Does anyone know of any clients that already support Anonymous SASL authentication? I’d like to be able to test some stuff with OpenFire, but I can’t seem to find a client that’ll do Anonymous…

I know the XIFF API supports it, and I know the XMPP4R ruby library does… but does anybody know of an example of an actual Jabber client that supports anonymous auth?