Another 404 windows install issue

OK i have read loads of post here and to be honest am finding it hard going as its all different versions of windows, openfire, jetty e.t.c which is probably confusing me a little.

the error is


Problem accessing /webchat/jivelive.jsp. Reason:


I have installed openfire on a windows sbs2011 server and its running without any problems (the install had to be made to E: drive as it did not run if i installed it ont he C: due to security restrictions)

Having read through a number of posts i can confirm my install does not have any spaces in the path

My firewall is configured to allow inbound and outbound TCP traffic on ports 7070

My router is configured to redirect traffic to my server on these ports as well.

I have the code snippet on my website (externally hosted)

This is all new to me so im hoping someone can help me with what and how i need to check each step in the hope i can diagnose the problem

Thnak you in advance



after a break from this i managed to resolve the problem

I had not noticed that when i installed the fastpath plugin through the gui it never installed properly. I could not select it again from the window and it did not show in the installed plugins window either.

I manually downloaded the plugin and installed it manually and all seems to be working fine now