Another idiot who cant get AD/Jive working

The university I work for is exploring EIM options. I’'m trying to push for jive because of the cost.

I’'ve edited my config but it doesnt seem to work. Is there any way I can debug what is going on?

Can you see anything wrong? also I assumed all you had to do was stop and restart the messenger when you make changes, i hope thats ok.

I set my SAMid to be able to log into the admin web console, and I was using our M.O.M. account to read the directory, it resides in the information technology staff O.

Here is the config file.

for try

CN=MOMACTION,OU=Information Technology Staff,OU=CCC,DN=xxx,DN=xxxx,DN=xxxx,DN=xxx

also try your config file without the search filer and group filter to make sure Jive can pull from AD. Once you get the AD integration working then play with the filters.

Note that for it to work for us, we couldn’'t connect on the standard LDAP port, but had to connect to an Active Directory Global Catalogue server, on the global catalogue port, which is 3268.

That combined with the previous suggestion to use a full adminDN should work for you.