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Another IRC bug, Freenode's channel redirection

I’m not sure if other networks do this or not (or even if they do it the same way), but when you join a channel on Freenode, it sometimes redirects you to a different channel. This has increased since their stupid “about channel” policy. Anyway, if you attempt to join a channel (like #php) and are redirected to the real channel (##php), the transport seems to get rather confused. You’ll receive messages from the wrong JID, and at least mcabber gets unhappy. I’m not sure about other clients. You can leave the channel, get a lot of weird packets, then rejoin the proper one and things are fine. I think there’s a specific numeric Freenode passes to redirect the client, but I don’t know what it is.


Eww. = ) GATE-365 So that’s a -forced- redirect? I always thought that all that happens was you connect and it says “sorry, you need to go here instead” and it was up to you to go to the new location. I didn’t realize it might reallllly send you there. Do you happen to have a dump of the “weird packets”? Also did you catch what comes back to tell you to join a new channel? (looking for an IRC “code” and such)

I haven’t looked yet, but I don’t remember seeing a “forced redirect” in XMPP MUC support. I’ll either bring it up with the council or find a workaround.