Another MUC Nickname Bug

This shows up in the nightly 3.0.3 version as well as the lower versions.

Join a group chat
Right click on own name, select change nickname
Put in new name
Lose access to the MUC window/chat. Cannot see people chatting, cannot chat myself, none of the right click options work.

Leave the room, rejoin. It is completely blank and becomes completely non-responsive.

I think part of this same thing Spark 3.0 - Issue in MUC when changing names - #3 by JayMan6014

This is why I cannot have any users running any of the 3.0 versions. but it did show up in some of the most recent 2.0 versions before the 3.0 came out.

Yes, unfortunately this bug has not yet been fixed =(
@Flow @guus maybe you can help fix this bug.

Does anyone know if a way to fix this locally or does it require Spark to be patched?