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"ant run" in 3.7.0 trunk not working properly (3.6.4 bug?)

Hi guys, yet another question, but I really do appreciate the effort.

I’ve downloaded the very latest trunk of openfire (11666), however I’m still having problems getting the source to work properly in a testing environment. After issuing “ant openfire” and “ant run”, I’m unable to log in after the setup process.

I understand there was an issue with 3.6.4 in regards new installations not working without a restart due to a bug (and the installer resets after closing the process and reissuing “ant run”), has this not been fixed yet under 3.7.0 Beta? If that’s the case, is there a quick workaround? Beginning Java developer/student here, so any advice is much appreciated!

Thanks a million for your help!


Disregard that, I got it working. However, you need to use as the address for the admin panel, not the hostname or ‘http://localhost:9090’ (the login page will not accept your username and pass for some reason!). Another bug, possibly?