Anti spam protection

Dear community

I am having a real hard time with spammers on my jabber server running Openfire 3.7.0. Mainly they are from Russia and China, or they target someone in these countries.

Can you please suggest how to prevent this?

And how to remove 4000+ spam accounts (inactive mostly) automatically, I can’t click that many times and they keep registering.

Thank you

Did you solve the spam issue ?

No, no idea how to solve it. I’m manually deleting accounts, very painful.

Well, you can try using Content Filter plugin to mask or reject spam messages ( l), but this will not stop spammers. There is no option to bulk delete users. Also, you don’t want to delete them based only on activity. Maybe User Service plugin can be used to automate it a bit ( You will have to craft a script wich will send http requests to the server to delete users. Although i don’t think this is the right way to fight spammers. Allowing anyone to register to your server will leave it vulnerable and scripts won’t help. Manual registration is not always a solution, but this is the only working solution.