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Any chance of publishing 3.1.0 to Maven Central?

It appears that the latest Smack version on Maven Central is 3.0.4. Could someone be so kind as to manually push a 3.1.0 build?

See: http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/jivesoftware/smack

RE: SMACK-265, it’s slated for the 3.2 release, so all the Maven users need to manually install 3.1.0 in their own repo or use 3.0.4 in the meantime.


Hi Tom,

as you may already read on SMACK-265 we are discussing about setup a local igniterealtime repository and request synchronisation with the central repository. I think and hope this will proceed in the next time. This local repository would include Smack 3.1.0.

So what’s the timeline to get that repo up and running? The issue has a “Fix version” targeted for 3.2. Do I have to wait for the 3.2 release or will the Ignite Maven repo with 3.1.0 artifacts be available sooner?

The issue has been open since Feb. but I noticed your comment is within the past week. Can I take that to mean you’re currently working on getting that repo set up?