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Any complete and current sample Smack applications?

Hi Folks,

          I am a newbie and looking for a sample application that uses Smack (stand alone) that functions as a client Bot.  Or for that matter, just a good sample (current) app using Smack.   I don't want to step on toes but yes, I did look at the documentation and it has significant gaps, especially regarding complete examples.   My specific application idea lends itself more to a standalone Smack application, rather than an OpenFire plugin-type app.  Any pointers or ideas would be greatly appreciated...



I wrote a bot whose only purpose was to simulate a conference room for users of Google Chat through Google Mail, since there isn’t an interface to join an arbitrary conference room. The source can be found at my blog page about it. It worked with an older version of Smack, though it’s having an issue with the newer version that I’ll be posting in another thread about.

The issue I was having with Smack 3.1.0 appears to be a problem with the library itself. I’ve documented how I solved it on a different thread