Any fix for spark issue?

We are using OpenFire and Spark here at our workplace and we are seeing a slightly repetitive issue with Spark.

We did notice that this was happening before we got OpenFire as well and I was wondering if there is a fix for the below issue.


An end user will have Spark open on their computer or will restart it after a reboot or shutdown.

When they receive a message from someone it will show the pop up window in the corner but it will not pop up a chat window.

When they manually open the chat window and reply and hit enter nothing happens on their end.

The original message sender will get the message and can respond normally.

Message receiver will continually hit enter causing the same message to send over and over again to the original sender.

We have learned that exiting and reopening Spark will fix the issue, but is there a serverside or client side total fix for this?

Any help would be appreciated.

We are running OpenFire on a Linux box that ties AD into the structure.

All of the Spark clients are running on Windows XP machines.

This is a known issue. I have not seen it happen since converting to Spark 2.6.0b2 the online version (no JRE included).