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Any good hosting for Openfire?


Im looking for a good hosting for Openfire. Its just for tests with a small number of users so it can be very simple and hopefully cheep.


If it is just for testing, you could simply take your own machine. Get a free dynamic domain, e.g. from http://www.dyndns.com/ , open necessary ports in your firewall/router, ready.

What about a production xmpp server?

Are there any good hosting?


Take a look at http://www.jivesoftware.com/pricing/clearspacepricing.jsp - sales@jivesoftware.com offers hosting for all products.


I sent them a mail.

Are there any other options?

What are the requirements from hosting?

Could it be on shared java hosting or only on dedicated or VPS hosting?

I`ve found these, are they any good?





Will they handle Openfire?



I have no idea about the quality of the server hosting services. And I wonder if you want to use the embedded database or something else. As soon as you install Openfire yourself on a hosted server you usually need to care about the database and backups etc.

javaservlethosting.com seems to be only for JSP and servlets, if this is the case it will not be an option.

I use a (dedicated) server to run Openfire, there I have enough memory available - this is usually the problem when you use a VPS. And I run the database of my choice (HSQLDB, but not in embedded mode) on this server.

You may want to calculate the needed memory like this:

32 MB for the linux kernel and some basic processes (cron, ntpd, …)

32-64 MB for the Permsize of Java

64-128 MB for the native heap of Java

64-128 MB for the Java heap if you run Openfire with -Xms64m -Xmx128m for about 100 users (no plugins / gateways installed)

This matches the “JBoss J2EE Hosting” of rimuhosting.com which is only recommended for VPS3 and VPS4. The CPU resources should be enough for Openfire to run fine, but it’s not specified how much MHz your VPS will get. A dedicated server usually has 2 GHz.



If I choose a vps with at least 350MB memory as you advise for 100 users, should I install anything except for Openfire and maybe MySQL?

I appreciate your answers.



C based programs usually use little memory, so one may also run Apache*PHP/*Perl without problems. I have no idea about the MySQL memory usage, but being a database it may get high.

For 100 users I would use the embedded database and start with something like VPS3 (224 MB) with the option to update later because you may reach only the min-values I did specify and thus need about 192 MB.