Any recent numbers on openfire scalability with Hazelcast Plugin?

Hey there everybody,

I’ve been searching the forums for quite some time now hoping to find some numbers on openfire scalability with the hazelcast plugin.

I’d like to know how many concurrent users openfire can handle without clustering and with the hazelcast plugin used across a cluster of a couple of nodes.

Out goal is to get a system running that can support up to 5Mio. users with propably 500.000 beeing active at the same time.

If we can meet this goal can not be said yet, but we’d like to hear some numbers on this.

A lot of the topics I found about this didn’t get any answers at all …and I am afraid I might not get any official numbers either…but maybe some other fellow openfire user can share his experience with us?

Is the information still up-to-date that openfire WITHOUT a clustering environment can handle up to 50.000 concurrent users?

I found this info here:

The version used is 3.2 which seems to go way back to February 6 2007… I don’t want to believe that there are no recent numbers on the topic of clustering.

The development regarding the hazelcast plugin seemed to go public late 2012. ( t-a-new-way-to-cluster-openfire)

I could not find any numbers near that date.

The solution we are working towards (more like: “We got running without fine-tuning”) relies **heavily **on Custom Components (plugins) that handle additional user informations as well as pseudo-company structures we build around some “special” users. We communicate real-time events using PubSub and use IBB File-Transfer too.

Of course we can not get any numbers on those things…but at least some infos regarding the “out-of-the-box” openfire in a hazelcast cluster are needed.

I hope anybody can help us out here.

Thanks in advance

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Were you able to get some numbers on this ??

Nope, nothing.


running a clustered system without fine tunning is nearly impossible. You need a well splited environment to run this high number of connections. Your OS, DB, JVM Envirnoment, Hazlecast Cluster Environment, maybe Providing you own solution for file transfer(external File Server). Searching users over cache(Memcached) instead of openfire’s own service. How do you handle connected Users(Idle ping, fast disconnect,). You also need a relaible server with high bandwith(Dual 10Gbit, to split Cluster Service from productiv XMPP Service) and lot of ram. SSD is recommended for DB especially when using mysql. And there a a lot of other topics you need to consider.

I have never tried to use Clustering “Out of the box”. Openfire can handle a lot of users but you need customization.