Any thoughts on when the next Openfire update will be released?

There is a bug I am tracking as resolved that I was hoping to test soon that looks to be resolved on nightly builds but not on an official release. Was curious when the next patch/release is scheduled to be cut? Thank you!

Not anytime soon, Iā€™m afraid. The next release is expected to be 4.8.0. Quite some changes will go in there, which are in various states of development.

Which bug are you referencing? Perhaps the fix could come in a 4.7.5 release.

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Thank you for the response. I am referencing this bug: S2S Plain-Text Connection - #2 by LoPard. Would be thrilled if that was possible. You all do amazing work!

Appreciate the response and insight. Will be fun to checkout 4.8.0 in the future.

Is there a process to request a 4.7.5 build that includes the above referenced fix in it? Even if it requires a donation or something like that?