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Any way to reset conversation archives?


We are using the embedded database, and to this point everything has been alright, but our conversation log is some 750MB’‘s and it’'s almost impossible to search through archives now.

Is there any way to reset this? I don’‘t care about saving the data, and I realize that if we’‘d be using MySQL in the first place, this would be a piece of cake, but we don’'t

I’'ve searched everywhere for the last few hours and the only way I could see this remotely doable would be to connect to the hsqldb directly via java -cp, but all the SQL query tools I see require X11.

Any advice would be appreciated.


If you don’'t care about data, the easiest thing would be move to mysql for your entire database. Is that an option for you? If so, the easiest way to reconfigure wildfire for mysql is to rerun the setup. You can do this by stopping wildfire. Opening the wildfire.xml file in the conf directory, and changing:

Once you have done this, restart wildfire, and follow the steps for installing against an external database.

That’'d be an option, but I was under the impression that the user login details are held in the embedded database. There are about 300 registered users, so I cannot just ask everyone to re-register/re-create accounts.

Is there any way to keep the user account info?

Thanks for the quick response.

Sorry, that was meant in response to you.