Any way to secure Openfire chat with LDAP Groups?

We are using Openfire for our Help Desk call center support people. Though this has been going well, we’d like to lock it down so someone else couldn’t stumble upon it and log in who is not a support technician. I already have Openfire working perfectly with our AD, and I have a group being distributed as a contact list to all users who sign in. But we also need to lock the chat so only people in that group can sign in, and everyone else would be denied.

Does anyone know how to do this? Does Openfire support it? And if it doesn’t, can you think of an alternative to accomplish the same end?

75 views and 0 replies? I mean, if no one knows, no one knows, but some sort of feedback would be nice :stuck_out_tongue: Does anyone use any method to secure their chat? What do you use?


Securing groupchats by groups is an often requested feature, but not supported at this time. OF-179


Thanks Daryl! Even though that’s not what I was looking for, it pointed me towards adding users as members. I’ll have to do them one at a time, but that’s still a solution. Then I just make the room members-only and, voila, my goal is met.

Thanks again!

you need to use filters. the group AD cn name can be used as a filter in the user filter.

example filter: