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Any workaround: sharing presence between two Asterisk servers

I notice support for multiple servers is a feature request, but i was wondering if there was a hacky work around for now?

this is my first experience with jabber and i notice it supports connections to other XMPP servers. perhaps if both are running asterisk-im and XMPP servers (and obviously, Asterisk), could i make it happen?

Presence between servers should already work. Are you noticing any problems in particular?



i’‘d love to be able to test it out but i’'m having a problem with the beta of jm where it doesnt allow clients to log in (Connection closed before session established)


…and i’‘m having a problem with 2.2.0 where the sidebar isnt available under the asterisk-im tab, so I’'m pretty much SOL for now.

im dieing to try this out though, so if you can bare with a discussion thats theoretical from my perspective, please do:

i notice when using 2.3.0, even though i cannot log jabber clients in, how the mapping would work.

my problem is simply that i dont see how that would work with 4 asterisk servers and one XDPP server.

if i could log the plugin into multiple servers that would be the ideal solution, but it doesnt appear that is possible.

i’‘m wondering if there’'s any workaround. maybe it involves running 4 jabber server, but then all the functionalities that the plugin provides wouldnt work between peers of distinct servers, would they?

presence would work between servers. what would not work is dialing a buddy that is on another server from your roster but you still can dial hist extension.