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Anyone developing a cool Sparkplug they would like to share?

Anyone developing a cool Sparkplug they would like to share? I would love to see what some of the community members are doing.



I’‘ve got a few ideas, but I can’‘t seem to get even the example plugin to work. My primary language is c\c++ and I think I am screwing up something with the packages, as Spark complains it can’'t find it when it tries to load it. Probably something relatively simple.

I think a plugin similar to gaim’'s Text Replacement plugin would be nice. It corrects pre-defined typos as soon as you finish typing them. Though I have to look more into the api to find out if I can access text as its typed or have to wait until the message is sent.

Though I think you guys are adding this in a future version, maybe one that has some detection for typed links and makes the links. This way someone can type www.site.com and it still come up with a link (automatically assuming http).

In the vein of the 2 above, adding slash commands might be useful. Maybe something like /file filename[/i] then when sent will be the equivalent of sending the file to the user. I’‘m sure there’'s a few others.

A enterprise deployment plugin would be my ultimate goal. It would be allow for removal of various options in the UI (file transfers, plugin addition/subtraction, traffic window, or really anything). This would be put on hold though as I would have trouble with central management.

It would be a little rough for me to pull off all of these, but they seem simple and maybe the top 3 would be combined, as their functionality would be similar. Anyway, great job on the client.