Anyone get Tomcat7 to run Webchat?

I’ve tried various war files from the standard plugins and other discussions with no success on CentOS7 running Tomcat7 (the current default.) The war files deploy but won’t start, giving me the error: FAIL - Application at context path /webchat could not be started each time. I’ve deployed fastpath and webchat on both Windows servers and Linux servers successfully until now. The current one that we are using in production is Tomcat6 on CentOS 6.6.

For now I’m looking for a way to install Tomcat6 on CentOS7 so that the automatic updates will still work, but I’d rather use it on a the current release. I notice that Tomcat8 is actually out now, so this might be an ongoing problem. If all else fails, I expect I’ll be able to build another CentOS 6.6 with Tomcat6 to do what I need, but it backtracking to an older release leaves me with concerns for the future of using Fastpath for web chat. I haven’t seen much in the way of current activity in the discussions, so I’m willing to consider looking for alternatives if necessary.

So my main question is about the possibility of deploying Webchat on Tomcat7 (and ideally confirmation that it can work on CentOS7) with my fallback question being what are my other future alternatives?