Anyone have a start to finish tutorial

I have openfire running fine on a windows 2003. I’m trying to get red5 going, with no luck, and havent really found any help.

I have java 6 installed, but i still get errors basically saying i dont have the right version installed.

I put the war into the plugins directory, and it expanded fine. But it doesnt show in the plugins list.

Hey Josh,

If would help if you tell us which version of Openfire and the plugin are you using. Also post the errors that you get in the log files.


– Gato

I’m using the latest version of openfire and spark, as well as the red5 plugin available from the site.

From what I can tell of the error, its saying basically that my version of java is out of date, but its not.

actualy im installing openfire and red5 it works fine with MSSQL database

but i really dont know how red5 works… hehe… even i read some info…

i really dont know what does red5 is…

How to use

There are curently five ways of using the Red5 Plugin audio/video features

  • You can make Red5 calls between Spark and Pandion clients

  • You can make SIP calls between Spark, Pandion and a PBX like Asterisk with the Red5gateway enabled.

  • You can open an audio/video presence roster and monitor up to 12 users.

  • You can send an audio/video message to another user and view your own messages

  • You can publish your desktop screen and view the screen desktop of another user

there… does it all work if you installed openfire server and plugin red5 in my server its running but i dont know where

to start with this red5 plugin… does anyone give me a little clue?

thank you

Without the log file, I don’t think anyone can help. In general, I always use Openfire with its own embedded java and never had problems. The Red5 plugin contains the full Red5 server wriiten in Java and compiled with Java6. The embeded JRE in Openfire is also Java6

I hope that helps,


Hello There Dele,

Would you happen to have a documented process on how to set up red5 on openfire to pass red5 calls accross other domains. Connect to to

I’d like to make red5 calls to another user who is located on an other domain.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance

It is possible, but I have not tested it in a while. Change the Red5 application name in the admin console on both domains from




If you enable rtmpt (rtmp over http), on port 8000 for example, then it will be



"It is possible, but I have not tested it in a while. Change the Red5 application name in the admin console on both domains from




For the above would this be if difference servers but on the same LAN?

As for the OVER HTTP would this be for what ever binding port I’m currently using between red5 and openfire?

Thanks again

it would be the same for servers on the same LAN provided each server name is in the DNS. Otherwise, use IP addresses

The RTMPT port is 8000 by default. see the red5-rtmpt.xml file in the “Openfire/plugins/red5/WEB-INF/classes” folder.