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Anyone use jwchat with JM?

i’‘m using the .war file with resin, but i don’‘t know what is the problem that after connects, the user is able to send and receive message, but after a while (5 minutes), gets the error “Service unavailable”. don’'t know what is the problem…

so, i’‘m trying to use it with punjab, but i couldn’‘t start it and test. don’‘t know if it is because the port here is 2510, or if it just anything wrong that i’‘m doing. i’'m doing what is in the punjab site (http://punjab.sourceforge.net/jwchat.html).

any ideas?




We did but have abandoned it because it was kicking users off who were coming in through our corporate firewall using RSA SecurID. We had configured it an everything using the httpbind product that they recommend on the site. Seemed to work just fine on a closed network.


I have had the exact same problem. (edit) We also use an authenticaton black box, an iGate by SafeNet.

I changed the following in httpd.conf, after which it seems to be holding up:

Timeout 2000

KeepAlive On

KeepAliveTimeout 5

Especially the keep alive option seemed to be necessary.

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