Anyone with 1000 users?

Hello all,

I’ve been testing out openfire with Spark/Adium in our environment for a while now and love it. I’ve been asked to roll it out to our entire company, which is over 1,000 people. Needless to say there is a big difference between 21 and 1000 users. I have a dedicated DP G5 Xserver with 4 gigs of ram available for this.

If anyone else is using openfire in a similar size environment, I would be very interested to hear of its performance under these types of loads.

My email is “danielc at”.



Hi Daniel,

we have about 3500 users in our AD. Openfire Server has been up for about a month, and we already see about 950 concurrent users and the number keeps growing every hour.

We use mySQL as DB, with a pool of 500 max connections and 50 of the active all the time. Openfire is set up to use up to 758 Mb of RAM (we are going to set up a max at 1 Gb. in a few days) and the usage of this fluctuates from 50% to 98% in the course of the day.

The server is a 2.4 Ghz Xeon, with 1.5 Gb of RAM (hopefully we will upgrade this). Both mySQL and Openfire are running on the same server.

Let me say, it works like charm, the users connect to it nationwide with no problems and the bandwidth usage is minimalistic.

Even the back up is easy, the DB is less than 3 Mb.

You should try it yourself, this guys have desinged a great hell of a system.

Hope this is usefull,


Thank you very much for the response! It was very helpful. Extra thanks for the SQL suggestions on connections and such. I’m going to set the server up today. I agree they have setup one hell of a product.


Hey Daniel,

As Joaquin pointed out 1K users is not really load to the server. In our load tests we got up to 250K concurrent users chatting and changing their presences in a single JVM (64 bit OS).


– Gato

Hi Gato,

Can you give me your Tsung script when testing with 250K concurrent users chatting?



Hi Fan,

you may want to read and modify the tsung.xml file.


Hi LG,

I know how to test with Tsung, I just wanna know with what kind of scenario can I reach 250K concurrent users in single JVM.

Anyway thank you for the reply.