Apple iMessage bridge

I’ve been using app called AirMessage to communicate with my Apple friends over iMessage. It works by having it’s own messaging server on a Mac which in turn plugs into iMessage APIs. Android client then connects to the custom AirMessage server and uses it as a bridge. The whole setup mostly works, but is clunky, requires port forwarding, has security issues, Android app is a battery hog, etc.

I am professional software dev and looking to do it better. Was wondering if OpenFire plugin would be able to do something similar? It would communicate to it’s own companion app on Mac, relay messages/files and provide access to contacts database on Mac as well.

Does that sound doable using OpenFire APIs?

What pops to mind is using XMPP to generate push notifications. This allows you to use any client, for which the author has provided a push notification server (as both Apple and Google require push notifications to be generated by a trusted entity, this needs a client-specific service). Various XMPP clients on both platforms are available that support this. To make this work with Openfire, you can use a snapshot build of the to-be-released push notification plugin for Openfire.