Apple Messages Jabber Client cannot invite or Join due to Broadcast Presence for Participants being enabled

Hi Everyone,

I have a lot of Mac OS 10.9 and 10.10 workstations and these Openfire Jabber users cannot join in a new or existing group chat that has Broadcast Presence for Participants enabled. If I disable this for the room, then all Mac users using the Messages Application can then join or invite others into the group.

The workaround for getting them to use group chats to manually create the rooms through the server web portal and then uncheck Broadcast Presence for Participants, and then inform that users they may use their Messages application to join in the group chat.

This is a terrible pain, since any Messages can create a new group, but then has to ask an admin to uncheck this one checkbox in order to use the group chat system. There is there a way I can set the default for all newly created rooms to not enable Broadcast Presence for Participants?

I am also wondering if there is something a developer can fix on the Openfire server is order for Mac Messages users to work as they should with Presence enabled. It is a pain not to know when users have joined or left the group chat room.

The server environment is this: Ubuntu 14 LTS, Openfire 3.9.3 using LDAP users and groups over SSL and a seperate MySQL 5.6 Server