Application Integration

Hi I am a complete noobie to Wildfire but so far I am most impressed. I am looking to integrate a very minimal messenger style client into a Windows based (Vb .Net 2) application I have developed. I would appreaciate any pointers on where to look for snippets or code examples on how to achieve this.

This is more of an alert style(popup) implementation rather than a fully functional messaging client (at the moment), messages will be one way (from server to client) functionality. This is more ‘‘proof of concept’’ stuff at the moment, not to mention my personal interests in the IM area.

Well done to all those involved in Wildfire and associated products, very slick…

Many thanks in advanced,


Hi Paul, contains .net client libraries.


Thanks for that. ended up using smack for the java and IPWorks XMPP for the VB.NET flavour.