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Apply my solution for Omemo related issue in PEP

Hi Team,

Few week back i started implementing E2E Encryption using openfire server 4.1.3.

Later on i found a bug in PEP was not replying to client as expected which was fixed in version 4.2.0.
Ref Link - https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1427

After that i get some help to establish E2E session between two clinet but still there is one bug while featching node for subscription because of that feature could’t implement properly.

So i have taken my own responsibity and solved this issue and now it is working very fine for me so i want to apply that fix to the next release of openfire server but i am not sure how to do that.

Does anyone have idea about how to apply our fix to production or uat then let me know.


The easiest way is to submit your patch as pull request on Github https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire
If you are not familiar with it, you can try uploading your patch here (or a link to uploaded file somewhere else) and maybe it will be attached to a ticket.