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Appserver integration


we are currently developing an application that has to handle a “large” volume of messages (Large is relative, our spec says that we have to handle a peak of 200 messages / second, and 1M messages a day)

We are going to use a JEE5 server (JBoss 4.2 / 5.0) for the processing of messages, and we have decided that XMPP will be the best transport for delivering the messages (because we might have two way communication from time to time, and we like the presence notifications)

We would like to deploy openfire as a service in the JEE server, to simplify the maintenance of the system.

The documentation on how to fire up Openfire programatically is sparse, any hints on where i should start?

I did also read a bit about the clustering-feature-requests here in the forum. Is it not correct to assume that if you want full failover support the client has to know about the whole cluster? Then the client itself would be the only single point of failure.


We don’'t currently support deploying Openfire in an appserver. Unfortunately, there just seem to be too many compatibility issues around it.

On clustering – we don’‘t support clustering of Openfire yet, but that’'s coming in the not too distant future (lots of hard work on it at the moment).

The number of messages/second shouldn’'t be a problem at all. We test Openfire handling 10,000 messages/second on desktop machines.