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April 27 Chat Transcript

Hey everyone,

There were some great feature ideas brought up in today’‘s chat. I’'ll work on putting them into JIRA and will then post the issue numbers in this thread. Thanks to everyone that attended!


Hi Matt,

Good chat today. I like your ideas of the providing statistics and the adding a “router protocol.”

I got pulled away about half way through but I’‘m glad to see Tom suggested what I was going to about adding a way to prevent a single user from using up all the available Messenger bandwidth. I used another IM server which had this feature, which I think they called karma. I can’'t remember all the settings, but you could set the maximum message size a user could send, how often they could send messages, etc.


as it appears, that we need this Extended Silo option now:) I need to isolate members of two groups so they can see only other group and none of their group’‘s users. So i’'ll be voting for this feature first off all:) And of course, i like statistics;)

Stats Rule and don’'t you forget it

wroot: had no problem after reading (heh) on installing either e4 or jeti on my apache server to create a webbased client

MnMs, glad for you;)