Arbitrary User Status Change with Spark?


I have a quick question that may only require a simple yes/no reply; Is it possible for someone (administrator or otherwise) to somehow access and change another users status without actually going to their instance of Spark and changing it manually? This would help, for instance, if someone were to forget to change their status, and an office manager with the correct credentials could manually change their status message for them.

The setup is Openfire with Spark 2.5.7 clients.

Is something like this possible?



No, with current/standard Openfire/Spark implementation. Dont know about presence much, but maybe it is possible to make an Openfire plugin for doing this. Of course Spark should support that too, plugin again.

Offtop: Status is a user-side “feature” obligation So i dont think this is a right way.

Thanks for the quick reply! I was afraid that was the case, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. I can also see your point on keeping status changes user-side, in most cases. In our case, it would make sense (and wouldn’t be invasive at all) to have certain people have that sort of ability, were it possible.

If anyone else has anything to add, feel free!


Quick update:

Here is another (archived) thread addressing the exact same issue. Conclusion there is that a plugin may be possible also.

I’m not a coder, but I might try to put some time into this and see if it’s feasible to create something like this.



Another close match: