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I am interested in a fix of http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/JM-852 and suppose that

fixing it in Tinder would be correct. Does anyone still look at those bugs?

I know that it is a minor bug, but three years is quite a long time!


Hi Andi,

The issues filed in the project you referenced are thought of as being ‘archived’ and therefor off our radar. This issue was no different. The issue predates the Tinder project, but is a perfect candidate to be moved into that project. This is what I just did: the issue is now known as TINDER-32 (although the old Jira references should continue to work).

Thanks for bringing this one to our attention (again). I’ll write a unit test and commit a fix hopefully later today.

Out of curiosity: did you run into this bug in practise? If so, could you share some of the details of your application of XMPP?




Hi Guus,

that is what I call responsive, thanks a lot for fixing this issue right away!

No, I did not run into this bug in practice and I suppose that will no happen soon, because our jabber ids are limited by other restrictions, like names that can be mapped to file system paths and stuff like that. I noticed it when I created a unit test that was about to create a valid huge jid in a certain situation and it simply did not work.


Ah, right. That makes sense. As you might have noticed, I’ve checked in a fix yesterday evening. It’d be interesting to see if this version passes your unit tests.

Do you have any other unit tests that are of interest? If some of your tests cover code of Tinder that’s not covered by the unit tests that are included with Tinder, I’d be interested in adding yours to the set of tests that are included with Tinder, if you allow them to be added.


Yep, the fix made my unit test work, so it is enabled by now!

I doubt that my unit tests will be of any help to you because I am just using tinder and testing my own stuff :slight_smile:


Right. Good to hear the problem is gone now. Let me know if you run into

something else!

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Guus der Kinderen,

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