Archiving help in Openfire

Hey all, i have recently been asked to provide chat history for certain individuals for lets say the past week, when i search for a name of the user it pulls in the chat logs just fine but they are by each chat session they have that day, ruffly one week for an individual had 713 chat history files, that is alot of digging up. i know you can view each chat history as a pdf and then save that convo from there. but to do that 700 times is a waste of my time. is there anyway to query openfire database or the archiving plugin so that i can export all the chat logs for that individual for that week or am i pretty much sol in that aspect.

I am running openfire 3.6.4 with ldap and using the HSQL Database Engine 1.8.0

Any help would be greatly appreciated



I know it has been a bit since your post, but did you ever find a solution to your problem? I have the same problem.

Running openfire 3.7.0 w/ MS SQL backend. Getting ready to upgrade to 3.7.1.

~Thanks in advance.