Archiving of message receipt confirmation

Bob is sending Jenifer a chat message but Jenifer is offline, she’s on a long flight from Sydney to Hong Kong. The message is sent and then Bob goes offline as well, he goes to sleep for 10 hours.
Meanwhile Jenifer lands in Hong Kong turns on her phone and using MAM protocol retrieves Bob message. The message includes a delivery confirmation request. A stanza including an extension of delivery confirmation is fired off and sent to Bob but Bob is offline.
Later on Bob wakes up and comes back online, he uses MAM to retrieve archived messages. Will Bob be able to retrieve the message delivery confirmation sent to Jenifer or is the message forever marked as undelivered?
Does XMPP, Openfire or MAM support archiving of receipt confirmations or is it something that I will have to implement myself somehow?

Well, there’s one way to test this: start booking tickets!

We have an ongoing effort to allow ‘message stanzas without bodies’ to be stored in MAM, which likely overlaps with your request.

Associated discussion and changes are available on Github: