Archiving option is missing in openfire 3.10.0


I am new to openfire and I want to store and get all user messages, so I did search and found that it is possible with Archiving option from admin panel. But in 3.10 there is no such option.

Thank you

You have to install the Monitoring Service plugin available on the Plugins page in Admin Console.

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Ok, Thank you very much. I will try it.


I have installed monitoring Service plugin but still I didn’t find any new option like archive. Please help me

After installing it you should refresh your Admin Console and check the second row of menus (Orange ones). There should be menu “Archiving”, usually last one on a row.

Hello, thank you for reply

I restarted the server 2 times but still options are not showing. Don’t know what is the problem. in plugin section it’s showing that plugin is installed.

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Anything related in the errors log?

Yes - Same issue with me.

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I have the same issue, has anyone found a resolution for this issue?

Thanks in advance