Archiving tab is missing in Openfire admin console

Hello, Archiving tab is disappeared from the Openfire admin console.
What I have done:

  1. Update Openfire to 4.7.4
  2. Update Monitoring Service plugin to 2.4.1
  3. Remove and install Monitoring Service plugin
  4. Replace Monitoring plugin directly in the root directory of Openfire

These mentioned troubleshoot does not work. Kindly suggest further How can I resolve this issue.

We are using,
OS: Windows
Openfire: 4.7.4
Spark: 3.0.1

Hi Arman! Sorry to hear that you’re running into problems.

The plugin should not be placed directly in the root directory of Openfire. The monitoring.jar file should be placed in the plugins directory that is in the root of the Openfire directory. You can also upload the plugin using the Openfire admin console. This will always place the plugin in the right place.

If the plugin does not show, then something prevented it from starting correctly. Please load or reload the plugin, and have a look at the Openfire log files. If there’s a problem loading the plugin, that will be written to the logs. This will probably give us a good indication what the cause of the problem is.

As per suggestion, I have checked by replacing plugin but it didn’t work.
Can you please check the attached logs file and give me some direction,
Openfire Log.txt (2.5 KB)

Awaiting for your response!!

Hello guus, Please investigate our concern. The problem has not yet been resolved.
I eagerly awaiting your response!

Hello Guus,
I hope you understand our concern. Kindly look into it.

Hi Arman,

The log files that you shared sadly do not give much of a clue what is causing this problem. Have you checked that the Openfire user is allowed to access and modify content in all directories that are used by Openfire? Does this problem also occur if you create a fresh installation of Openfire (on a different computer maybe)?