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Are there ways to debug JSP files of openfire?

Hi there,
I’m editing my code openfire 4.7.0 and I’m wondering how can I debug the JSP files.

The Java files can debug and these are pretty working. But when I try in JSP files,
IntelliJ said “breakpoint does not belong to any class” bla-bla

If u know how can debug JSP files, Plz tell me what I to do.

I actually do not know. It sure would be handy to have that, but so far, I’ve not had issues so severe that I had to invest time in figuring out how to do this. If someone knows how to do this, I’d be interested to learn.

Then, ppl edit and do mvn verify again and check the result?
How do u use when u edit sir?

I just build the code and run it, then figure out what’s wrong. In the rare occasion that I do need to dig deeper, the build holds the generated java files that can be viewed in a text editor.

Thank you for answering me. Have a great day Guus!