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Are these acceptable feature suggestions for Spark?

Hi Folks,

I can see that Spark 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 are being worked on and before I added these feature requests to the JIRA I thought I would post them here in case they are already being worked on or in case the features already exists and I can’t see it!

I have thought of two features that I could really use within Spark:

The first is the ability to set default status priorities. At the moment, when Spark is set to the default “Available” then the resource priority is 1. There is no way of changing this without setting a custom status message. I don’t want a custom status message, I would like the ability to change the default resource priority though. Perhaps a new icon underneath Chat, Login, File Transfer etc. etc. for Status Messages could include the feature to manage custom and default status messages, include resource priorities.

The second feature is an option to show multiple resource’s within the Roster. If a user has connected using two clients, say Spark at work, and Trillian at home, I would like to be able to choose in the preferences if I want to keep the roster only showing one entry for both clients and let the resource priority and server choose who I send the message to, or to show two clients with the resource name after them in the roster so I can choose who to send the message to. I imagine this could just be a check box in the Appearance preferences section.

What do people think? Useful additions to Spark?