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Are these already known bugs?

some of my experiences running Spark 2.6.3 in a Windows environment (mostly Windows 7 with a few XP and VIsta systems)

  1. Sometimes a specific “remote” user will cause my local Spark to hang. Specifically, if I double click that user’s name to send them a message, Spark will just hard freeze and eat CPU. I have to end the Spark process. To fix this problem, I usually delete that user’s history from the local Spark user’s directory. I have had this issue occur from time to time on several computers.

  2. In some cases I have had a similar issue where Spark will completely freeze after logging in. I have had this happen on several computers as well, and to fix it I simply delete the entire local user’s folder and login again. Of course, this has the sad side effect of wiping all local chat history.

  3. Sometimes Spark will just lose chat history. On some machines I can go back months and months and view chat history, but on other machines which used to have months of chat history, I can suddenly only go back a couple of weeks. Checking the actual text files that contain the history shows that the data is indeed gone! In some cases the situation is even stranger… I can view history from 2011, but most of 2012 has disappeared!

Are any/all of these known issues already?


most of it is known. The root cause is the way Spark stores the messages. They are XML files and a corrupted XML causes to client to freeze. You shouls delete the history of that specific user or chat room only. It’s stored in the folder “transcripts” in the user profile folder.

Resolvin this issue would require some extensive work on the history feature of Spark. It might be worth while to do so, but we have currently no active developer that would tackle a larger refactoring. We are only fixing bugs in the community trunk.