testing a reply


Really nice interface and look n feel

Is it only me who’s getting all those testing posts and other crap from the forum in all RSS feeds from this site since some hours ago?

I subscribed to the OpenFire announcements feed, in order to get notified when a new version gets released, but now I get a “news item” looking like the posts in this thread every few minutes, amongst other discussion posts.

Very annoying.

My own post just now also appeared in the feed.

The feed URL is 017

yep, sorry guys, it looks like the URL for the feed changed from: 017

to 7

(notice the communityID --> community)

If you update to the new feed it’ll work fine.

My apologies.



Folk we are working on an apache rewrite rule to make the old URL work. Sorry for the inconvenience. Ideally please change to the new url, but don’t worry if you don’t.

Rewrite complete for this specific URL.