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Assistance in creating a better AD Group filter

I have a great filter for AD Users but I need something for Groups and I am unsure how to format it appropriately.

I would like to filter groups in Openfire to only those within the OU=Departments,DC=internal,DC=example,DC=com tree. (eliminating the Built-In groups from view in Openfire admin UI)

AD Domain is internal.example.com
Openfire server is chat.internal.example.com

User OU structure is like
CN=John Smith,OU=Support Users,OU=Customer Service,OU=Departments,DC=internal,DC=example,DC=com

Group OU structure is like
CN=Customer Service Group,OU=Customer Service,OU=Departments,DC=internal,DC=example,DC=com

Thanks in advance to whomever for a filter to perform this,


From another post related to LDAP group filters, I applied the following.

Created a new AD Security Group ‘OpenFireGroups’

Added all the appropriate Department Groups as MembersOf ‘OpenFireGroups’

Set my group filter as:

(objectClass=group)(memberOf=cn=OpenFireGroups,ou=Departments,dc=internal,dc=exa mple,dc=com)

-I’m not fond of ‘group of groups’ but this seemed to be the best solution.