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Asterisk and Spark


Sorry to post a new thread, but wanted to knw how asterisk wildfire spark combo works. I have already installed asterisk and wildfire on my redhat el3 machine (single server), and my end clients are all win xp sp2 boxes who can easily chat conference using wildfire. Now i want to use asterisk as well with spark and wildfire.

My extension numbers are recognized on wildfire and i have added a couple of users, but cant seem to get the hang of how will i make or receive calls, cause i cant see any dialer in spark as such, do i have to use a softphone which will be by default integrated with asterisk, or is it spark with some magical inbuilt utility???

still testing and wondering




I assume that you also installed and configured the asterisk im plugin? Especially the JID to phone mapping must be done. Spark already has these features. If user X is on the phone then you should see that his status is “On The Phone”. After creating a chat session with him you should also have a dial button to call him.



thnx for helping me out…

Yepp i configured the asterisk im plugin at the server end, I got a drop down list of the SIP phone numbers, so i created same name users on wildfire asterisk plugin console also, Wht is this JID to phone mapping u mentioned, and in case i havn’'t done how do i do it.

Further do i have to use a seperate softphone or is thr a inbuilt softphone in spark for calling purposes.

I dont see any dial button anywhere in spark




“I got a drop down list of the SIP phone numbers, so i created same name users on wildfire asterisk plugin console also” <<-- That “is this JID to phone mapping “I” mentioned”.

Currently you need a soft/hard phone.

Maybe you the Google Talk client or wait for Spark with Jingle support to have a client with an inbuild softphone.

Are you able to see the “On The Phone” status. I don’‘t use it for production, so I didn’'t take a closer look but it may be that the “Dial” option is only available if the phone has registered with asterisk.



I used Xlite and now i get the icon in Spark entailing the status of my users w.r.t the phone calls. And till now havn’'t seen the dial button, will try some manipulations and report back.

Thnx for all ur help in this regard.

Fyi my next assignment is using Linksys PAP2NA ATA’‘s with spark and asterisk, i.e using analogue hardphones plugged into these ATA’'s with Spark just like the mentioned softphone, with similar functionality.

Any comments ???

I will post the progress as it happens.

Regards Xeron

I have the same problem.

I have the sipXphone. It works alone with my asterisk server.

But in spark no Dial menu appears.

How spark recognizes the SIP Phone Client? Is there any configuration?