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Asterisk and Wildfire installed on same server


Would anyone know if it’'s okay to install Asterisk@Home and Wildfire on the same server ?

I’'ve loaded them both together, and they do install okay. But, I continue to have problems getting the Spark dialer to work.

  • Spark gives me notice of an incoming call with its popup window.

  • Spark crashes when I try to make a call using the Spark dialer. i.e. I get onscreen notice that my session has ended, and would I like to login again.

I’‘m using the server’'s IP number to connect with Spark, and am wondering if I should use the IP number and port number ?


Paul James

Wildfire and AAH work fine on the same box.

You need to make sure you set the appropriate context for calls (thats why the dialer is crashing).