Asterisk Caller ID integration

Is there anything to have incoming calls show up through the IM client? I am looking to replace isymphony. I am aware of the sip phone plugin and it works, but I am not looking for a soft phone. I still want to be able to receive calls on our physical phones. I feel like I am asking too much, but I thought I should still try to get some feedback from the community.

Asterisk-IM plugin was intended to do this i think, but i hasn’t been developed for 8 years and have some bugs and incompatibility issues, so can’t suggest, unless it works for you. Not aware of any other option for Openfire.

So is everything pretty much setup for softphones only? That is what it is looking like to me.

Was under impression it should work not just with softphones. Sorry. As i said, haven’t heard about any other solution on these forums.