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Asterisk - IM and Asterisk -win32 Help!

Hi Everyone.

I am developing an IM client in J2ME using MJSIP api and Asterisk-win32 as the SIP server.

I am having trouble in the configuration of Asterisk-win32 with openfire 3.6.0, using Asterisk-IM plugin.

I am able to connect asterisk with openfire, but not able to understand that how the creation of users sip address/extension will be, or how to generate in the asterisk server which are required in the process of connetion and communication in IM.

Also if the sip address’s are created how these can be used along with the JID. e.g if i initiate a call session with my im buddy how the openfire will be notified about the sip address of the specified JID because the call will be made on the sip address and not on the JID.

So basically how to map the sip address with the registerd JIDs in the openfire.

Any help related to the above would be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.