Asterisk-IM Database updation problem

Sorry to sak a repeted and lame question.

I have installed Openfire 3.6.0a and updated Asterisk-im plugin, now in the console it gives error, saying asterisk-im database update didnot succeed error: update failed, upgrade manually, i am using embedded database, I have searched for similar discussion and found that to updated db, we need to go to modify/plugin/asterisk-im etc in version 1.4.0 of openfire, but cant find modify tab or folder on the admin console or installed directory what should i do.

How to implement asterisk-im plugin in the current version of openfire?

There is a problem with the database since last year with AsteriskIM, I had the same problem with the database.

Here you have a listing of Update for every database. se/upgrade/1/

Ariel Sandez

If the version in svn trunk is fine we can just prepare a new release.

This is the log file associted to the update problem.

2008.09.25 12:22:01 [org.jivesoftware.openfire.container.PluginServlet.service( 9)
java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to
at phone.jsp.phone_002dsettings_jsp:85)

Have found out that manually we can install the Asterisk-IM database…

There is a syntax error in the sql file hence it give error to update the database…

I guess we just need to check with the database syntax… The line in which error comes is this

create unique index phoneUser_username_idx on phoneUser(username);

It doesnt recognise the unique keyword i guess if we remove unique then it works fine.

This works fine for me but dont know what will be the potential bug with this in the database… cant figure out that…