Asterisk-IM jabber client for mobile phone


I have been looking for a way to send messages from and to asterisk using a mobile phone.

I see that the project Asterisk-IM has implemented some of the messages I need.

( RING and FORWARD actions and events ON_PHONE, HANG_UP, RING and DIALED )

If I understand the doc correctly then these messages and events are implemented in the Smack API. The Smack API is written in Java, but it requires jre 1.5 witch makes it hard to get the thing running on a mobile phone.

I want to connect to the Asterisk-IM on the server side, but I will need to write a client that can run on a mobile phone. The client must implement the actions and events mentioned above.

There are jabber clients that can run on mobile phones. The PDIS project has written python jabber client that will run on the Nokia S60 series phones.

I was thinking about using Python to build a prototype that can be run on a PC and on a mobile phone.

Anyone else interested in this project?



I could be interested in this project, but I’'ve not experience in Java Mobile.

Let me know.