Asterisk-IM & PBX Restarts


I’‘m running the beta version of Asterisk-IM and i’‘m curious if anyone else sees what I am, I use OpenPBX (a fork of Asterisk and with the modification of a line in the manager to fake that i’‘m running Asterisk I can run Asterisk-IM fine, I will provide the asterisk-java people with a patch so hopefully I won’'t need to do this for too much longer.

Anyway my problem is that whenever I restart the PBX for a configuration change or new version or whatever Asterisk-IM seems to get into a weird state where by it isn’‘t able to reconnect with out restarting wildfire. It just hammers the PBX with login attempts but never seems to authenticate successfully so much so that it exhausts the memory assigned to it and I can’‘t login to the wildfire console anymore until I restart. Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior? I can’‘t find anything about it in the bug reports so I’‘m assuming it’‘s just me, I’'m happy to provide some logs if that helps.



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You’‘re not the only one. I’‘ve also noticed also this behavior. Each time I have to stop/start Asterisk, which I don’'t do very often, I restart also wildfire.

Greets jm