Asterisk-IM Plugin causes users not to be able to login after upgrade to 3.10

I recently ugraded to OpenFire 3.10, as I reinstalled plugins to bring our full range of services back online all users are being prevented from logging in after enabling the Asterisk-IM 1.4 plugin. When I revert back to 3.9.3 no problems. We want to take advantage of OfMeet and I really like 3.10. We run Asterisk 11, and OpenFire on the same box and use Spark 2.7 as out local chat clients.

I’ve tried updating the AMI credentials and have expanded the permissions for the AMI account for Openfire. Any help would be appreciated.

Well, i have filed this in JIRA, but this plugin is very old (8 years) and nobody is working on it. It might be just removed from the Downloads page. I see database errors, so it might be not compatible with some recent database schema changes in Openfire.

That’s really frustrating as it’s one of the selling features of OpenFire, not to mention its featured on the front page.

Not sure where exactly you see it, but the main site is an old legacy from the previous owners (Jive Software) and nobody can change or update it.

It’s in the header image here: Ignite Realtime: Openfire Server. Which is the product landing page. I don’t mean to nick pick - it’s just mildly annoying.

What other options are there for presence service with Asterisk using Openfire and Spark?

Ah, i was looking for text. That image is probably from the first version (Jive Messenger back then, which became Wildfire, which became Openfire). IM Gateway doesn’t exist anymore either.

I’m not aware about any other solutions for Openfire and Asterisk integration.

1.) I agree that this plugin (even in its finicky state) is a big selling point for Openfire, and we use it on all of our systems even today

2.) I’m not familiar enough with Asterisk-Java, but a new 1.0.0.RC1 has just been introduced this past month with a number of bug fixes known to the M3 release… this is the first release since 2009. In fact there appears to be a lot of new development and contributors there with seeming momentum to continue releases to support up to the lastest Asterisk 13 (here: Asterisk-Java Library / Mailing Lists ), hopefully a revived project which I know Asterisk-IM is built upon.

X.) I know it’s been a while for me, but for some reason my account has been deactivated (username = TheShniz)

…I see 3.10.2 was just released (now upgrading from 3.10.1), been a little rocky but am excited; don’t give up on Asterisk-IM yet if possible please!

You are not alone wishing Asterisk-IM would live on. Help save the Asterisk-IM plugin :slight_smile:

But wishes alone won’t help And i don’t think that posting on these forums alone will help. You see, it is not that there are developers who could work on Asterisk-IM plugin here, but they just don’t want. There are no developers simply. There are a bunch of active volunteers pushing Openfire project. One volunteer pushing Smack. Well, and recently i’ve been trying to push Spark a bit. That’s it. A few guys can’t do everything. You should spread the word on other forums and platforms, so more developers would hear this and maybe join this community.

Btw, Asterisk-IM plugin has been removed from the downloads page for now (along with not working Fastpath Webchat plugin), so it won’t create problems for new users using it with newer Openfire versions. Until OF-911 is fixed (by someone).

I have reactivated your old login. You haven’t logged in for 7 years, so i guess the system automatically deactivated it.

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speedy find some problem resolving

here plugin, it works for me Help save the Asterisk-IM plugin :slight_smile:

I’m very well versed with the Asterisk-Java library and Asterisk in general. Could certainly take a look at the Asterisk-IM plugin. Thanks @nel and @speedy, I’ll see if I can integrate your changes into the Openfire code base. No reason the Asterisk-IM plugin should fade away


Leon…that would be awesome!

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