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Asterisk-IM Project Status

I just wanted to know if this forum had any news about the asterisk-im project status. I know Jive Software is probaly trying to repliace this with its SIP client in Openfire Enterprise. However, in my enviroment I must still use hard phones. Has there been a project lead change or is this just a stall in things. I would love to actualy see my statuses say something becides “On the Phone”. I am about ready to just disable it and use other methods that do not use jabber. I actualy started using jabber and jive messenger because of asterisk-im. Any plans or ways this can be fixed?

I’‘m in the same position, any news on when the asterisk-im plugin might be fixed? I’'m happy to provide debugging info to the developers if need be. The asterisk plugin was excellent when we were using it, the users love it.

Thanks for the great work on Openfire product.

Hey all,

The feedback is definitely important in helping us plan out what to work on. Unfortunately, we’‘re always extremely resource constrained and that meant we haven’'t had time to work on the Asterisk-IM plugin. Is the beta release not working for you guys? One thing that would be super helpful is if a community member put together a full list of what needs to be done on the plugin – both from a bug fixing perspective and critical new features. That would save us a bunch of time, and might allow us to crank through the problems. Of course, some actual coding help would help even more.



I should have posted a link to the threads in the asterisk-im forum.

Wildfire 3.2, Asterisk-IM 1.2.2 incorrect “on the phone” staus in Spark:


asterisk-im still alive?:


I posted the following message on this topic:




I just noticed (as I was finally ready to test it out) that the Asterisk Plugin is no longer listed in the available-plugins tab on 3.3.0.

I see it’'s still listed as a feature of enterprise, but does this mean it will not be available in the opensource version?

The updated version of Asterisk-IM is currently available in beta at http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins-beta.jsp

Of course Asterisk-IM will stay a free open source plugin.

I’‘ve been testing the Openfire 3.3.0 and the Asterisk-IM plugin 1.3.0 for a week now and it’‘s as stable as it’'s ever been for us. Regardless of Asterisk reloads or restarts it has remained up and is working like a charm so far.

Thanks so much to the developers for stabilizing this…great product!!!


We’'ve definitely found the latest Asterisk-IM to be very stable as well. What are your thoughts about making it non-beta in the near future?