Asterisk - IM - spark - follow me feature


I have installed elastix 2.0.0 (with asterisk and updated openfire to 3.7.1. I have installed Asterisk IM Openfire plugin, and SIP Phone plugin.

What I am trying to do now is to use Asterisk’s Follow Me feature when calling from Spark client. Follow me works great otherwise, that is when I call some extension from any device/phone/etc (and the extension that I am calling is not available) Follow Me transfers the call to the next extension.

But when I am calling from Spark/SIP Phone plugin it will not use Follow Me at all. It just says that user is not available. I guess that the problem might be with using different contexts but i am all new to this, and i would really appreciate if anyone could provide some hints on where to search for a solution.

Thanks in advance,